Monday, August 1, 2011


These past three weeks have been
busy with the onset of our
Trade work!
New Duct Work
New Pipes
New Gas Line
(Energy Company)
And not pictured....
New Wiring!
I been working on the old claw foot tub!
And "helping" Wayne build the banister!
The front door has been hung....
but still needs to be painted
and new hardware installed!
Interior doors are just waiting to be hung!
I love the new doors!
And thanks to one of my carpenters....
I will now need to add landscaping to the
list of things to be done sooner than later!
(He cut all the hedge in front of the triple window down!)
On the orchard front....
We have had some visitors!
Our rough in inspection is at 9am tomorrow morning!
We are praying for a clean inspection!
Then come insulation
and if all goes well......
DRYWALL starts on Saturday!

Just wanted to give you a quick update!
Hope you have a great week!


Christine said...

It is so good to have you post all these updates.
What a summer your family has been having.
Your new home has a lot of great touches, like the front door - wonderful!
The deer will eat all the dropped apples and not your flower garden, I hope. It's fun to see them.

You are cover in prayer for tomorrow (and always). said...

Hi DeeDee, I was starting to get worried; well with no weekly updates. You have us all on the edge of our seats. Looks like construction is moving along. Love the interior doors. Awesome to see wildlife. Imagine sitting outside just before dusk and watching the deer appear.
Good luck with the inspection! Love u.....

Sue said...

I've missed you! Of course I haven't been around as much as I'd like to be. I hope the inspection went well. It certainly looks as if you are making wonderful progress. It can't be easy with all the heat! Can't wait to see the next photos! Hope all is well with your family:)

corners of my life said...

You have been busy!

Unknown said...

Wow what a huge job you are undertaking, looks like you are doing a fabulous job, can't wait to see the end result!

Jane said...

You guys are making such you every sleep!!
It's looking good! I'm really enjoying keeping up on the changes.

Wendy said...

So happy to read your update today! You guys have been very busy! I love the new front door. I hope the inspection went well!
Enjoyed your photo's of the deer :)