Monday, May 23, 2011

Beauty Among Trashes

Our new yard is "swimming" with so many
splendid flowers!
My idea of flowers at my current home has
been limited to tulips and day lilies!
But at the Provision,
we never know what will come up next!
Dark Red
even Peach,
The colors are vividly stunning!

Even the weeds are pretty!
And the best part about these flowers.....
We get to enjoy them with every trip to the dumpster!

Have a great day!


Christine said...

I have been thinking about you so much!
Hallelujah! Singing praises and thanking God!
You sold your home and Provision is looking great, dumpster and all.

Sue said...

You have old-fashioned flowers, which I think are the prettiest kind. We didn't have them at our house because it was too new, so we planted some. I love peonies, except for the ants that keep me from bringing them inside! I'm sure it helps the working conditions to walk past such gorgeous blossoms!

corners of my life said...

Lucky you!
They are amazing blooms.

Amy said...

Oh, DeeDee what treasures!!! Peonies are my absolute favorite flower and I had them in my wedding! The ones in your yard are gorgeous! Can't wait to see more photos of all your hard work inside!

Jane said...

Gorgeous flowers, beautiful colors and fabulous photos!!

Michelle said...

These are beautiful, Dee Dee. I love the soft pink peonies and the bluish purple irises. I hope you guys aren't working too hard. It can be all-consuming at times. I thought I left a comment on this post already, but it must not have worked. My blog is still broken, so I'm having trouble leaving comments. I can do it, but I have to take extra steps and sometimes it still doesn't work. Anyway...hope all is well with you and your family. I plan to link to you later today.