Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Provision- Tour of the Property

We just never know what the weather here in Ohio will be
like from one day to another.
During the middle of the week it was beautiful and warm
enough for Wayne and Zac to install
about 600 feet of underground wire for the dog fence!
Then by this weekend we went from tempatures
in the 70's back down to the low 40's!
Wayne finished wiring and hooking up the underground
fence in the freezing cold on Saturday!
I thought this week would be a perfect time
to give you a tour of our property!
I've shared with you in the past that we've named the house
The Provision,
but we've also named the property...
West Bay.
West because of the street it is located on
and Bay is part of the Sur name of the original owners!
This moasic gives you a panoramic view of the back yard
looking from the back of the house towards the creek.
This is the back of the house.
Try to imagine new windows and french doors across the back!
A view towards the creek!
A view from the creek back towards the house!
This is our "out building".
We have plans to paint this building,
however my sister will be sad to see the Partrige Family
paint job go!
At the base of the property is the creek.
I have decided that this tree stump will be my quiet place!
We have plans for some bon fires to burn up brush
that has been thrown on the creek bed over the past few years!

We were told that this tree at one time housed a tree house!
To the left of the house is the orchard.
We have apple trees, a pear tree
and a white cherry tree!

Besides the installing the dog fence,
I cleaned the refridge, mopped the floors on the first floor,
cleaned the kitchen counters,
and had the heating and air ducts professionally cleaned.

Today Wayne and I
did some more work on the basement rec room.
(last week)
(this week)
We finished tearing down the ceiling,
bagged up the ceiling drywall,
and powerwashed the front and back walls!
We also cleared out a small storage unit
(used to store things as we staged our current house)
and loaded it up in the garage at the new house!
Garbage this week....
about 11 bags of dry wall
5 garbage cans of drywall and
wood from the rec room bar
and one old dresser!

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ellen b said...

Now that is one nice piece of property you have there. Hope you have fun with your projects! Have a good week.

Pondside said...

Whew! This looks like a beautiful place. I wish you years of happiness in it.

Destination Seaborn said...

Thanks for the tour of your property! I see lots of family fun happening in that backyard. LOL...I love your weekly garbage tally! Have a great week! I start my fourth quarter of nursing school tomorrow...Lisa

Mary said...

What a beautiful view in your back yard! I hope you get some real warm spring weather to enjoy it! We went from 70's last Friday to 30's this Friday, too. Oh how I miss spring! :)

Christine said...

What a great piece of property you have. Room to run and a place to ponder.
And what a great vision you and Wayne have.

corners of my life said...

Your "property" is amazing. I always yearn for an expansive back yard looking into the woods [as my backyard looks over a NY State University]. Not a bad view here but yours would be my first choice. Enjoy.

michelle@decorandthedog said...

Your property is beautiful! Such makes me tired just looking at it! :)

Gayle said...

Oh I am envious, it is so wonderful! Thanks for the tour!

Jane said...

That is a beautiful property and I love the name! You and your family must have endless amounts of energy!! I am amazed at how much you accomplish each week.

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

Looks like you are going to be pretty buzy for a while. Your yard is huge. V

Kelsey said...

Have fun! Love the creek!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

What a glorious place to be! Nature around you everywhere you look. Fantastic! Lots of work to do but so worth it. Best wishes, Tammy

Michelle said...

I'm so happy for you, Dee Dee. I know it's a lot of work and a lot of ups and downs that go along with this, orchard and a creek!!! How exciting! :)

I loved the tour (loved the mosaic panorama, too!). Thanks for sharing it with us. I hope you have a very blessed week (work hard...but don't work too hard. Tell that to your hubby, too).

Sue said...

It really is a beautiful property. I would love to have the creek and the orchard. We actually have our first yard that is a normal subdivision lot other words, small. My husband misses being able to have a garden and just the space outside. I've barely gotten through the kitchen/painting project...I'm sure I'd have trouble with a big project these days. Of course the fact that we got ants (just got treated this morning) and the dog is suddenly incontinent (may be meds, may be old age) combined with the mess has about sent me over the edge. I'm having the carpet cleaned on Monday and looking up doggie diapers online. Isn't my life exciting??