Monday, February 28, 2011

Where I've Been

I never know the paths that God
has for my family and me,
but lately...
 we are learning
how to walk by

It all started back in November, when God
answered some heart felt prayers
and led us to this beautiful cottage.
The month of December was spent
applying for financing and we closed
on this place on December 15th.
We spent the next month
knee deep in paint
changing the interior from
And from this...
(for more before and afters see

All this in time, to move the in-laws
into the cottage mid January!

About a year ago,
I sensed God opening my heart to downsizing
from our 5000sq ft home...
to something smaller,
allowing us to be or almost be debt free.
Wayne and I started praying for unity
and started to explore our options.

Our ideal wish list included:
a home with character
walking distance from school
walking distance from town
walking distance to parks
an inviting yard
... to name a few!

We toured several different places
but either the places we saw
weren't set up for our lifestyle,
were one room too small,
or we did not feel
God's open door.
This home came closest to our wish list,
but for reason's, we could not understand
at the time...,
God did not open this door either.

One evening, I was driving down a back
street in our little "downtown"
and saw a sign in front of a home
announcing an Interiors Auction.
Thru God's prompting...
I drove Wayne by the house later that week.
By this time, the auction had already taken
place and the auction sign was already removed.
Once again, God prompted me to
investigate if the home was for sale.
Now, I must confess.... I tried to pass this
phone call off to Wayne.
All I kept saying to myself...
these owners are going to think I'm crazy
"Excuse me but is this home for sale?"

As it turned out, later that week I passed by the home
on Sunday and there
was a car parked in front of the home.
I continued on, until that "Prompting Voice" in my head
screamed "go back and ask".
I steeled my nerve and approached
the front door and knocked.
A sweet older lady answered the door,
and I asked...
"Excuse me but is this house for sale?"
Yes, the lady who answered the door
was the neighbor and relative.
By that evening both the neighbor
and the auctioneer/ listing agent
had called our house
and an appointment had been set
to tour the home on Tuesday.
Not even two weeks later,
we had put an offer in on the home
and were stunned to hear it was accepted!
We spent January and up till
last week dealing with the financing.
Once again, God has opened more doors.
Even two weeks ago,
due to an error on the banks part,
we were told our loan
was denied.
God is teaching me that He is in control, and
I have little to no control over anything.
But, only because He opens doors..
Wayne and I closed on our new home
on Thursday!
(I just love the new key Wayne made for me!)

Our New Home
The Provision at West Bay

The wish list was exceeded in so many ways!
Our new home is in town!
It is within walking distance from
school, the community center, parks,
great local restaurants, even our church!
Not only does it fit our desired size requirement,
but God has blessed us with a beautiful
property surrounding the home!
We have 1.65 acres with
a beautiful orchard.
At the rear of the property run a wonderful creek!
Another lesson that I'm learning...
God's blessings sometimes take work on our part!
Wait till you see the inside!
Major gut job!
Enough posts to keep me busy for the year!

Now we just need to get 
 this house sold!
We spent two weeks preparing our current home for market.
I hope to be sharing some photos with you soon!

So for those wondering were I've been...
knee deep in homes,
runny noses
and clinging to God!

I'm looking forward to sharing befores
and afters of our new place.


Christine said...

I'm so happy for YOU and Wayne!
Hip Hip Horray! So glad you listened to God's voice and obeyed. That is exciting.
I will keep on praying for your big home to sell to just the right family.
This is great news, indeed!

Now you take care of yourselves!

Michelle said...

What a blessing. Life sure comes with its fair share of challenges, but when you rest in God's will and know that He will's amazing what can happen. Best wishes for staging/selling your home. I pray God's blessings over your whole family.

Btw: I've missed you. Your spectacular photos are what encouraged me to pick up my camera and learn (I'm in a different blog, but you'll remember me from House Changers---still looking for our next project). Love the cottage you did (beautiful transformation!!!).

Carol said...

Well, you have been busy! Best wishes! said...

Dee, congratulations. What a cute place. Looking forward to seeing it. Good luck on selling your home. Love to the family.

Wendy said...

I love it!!! I am so happy for you and Wayne and the kids! It is perfect and can't wait to see more and see everything you have planned. Blessings and prayers to your family! God does take care of us!
P.S.(you need to go to the Catholic store and buy St. Joseph and bury him in your front yard...the directions and prayer are included with the kit)

Sue said...

I love this post. Most people only dream of going larger...I'm amazed at your family and your wise decision to go smaller and find such blessings in doing so. (Although I must say that I'm pretty much drooling over that big house...I've never had one that size) You will have such fun with all that land and the trees...I can't wait to see the pictures. I'm really happy for all of you.

Melissa said...

YAY! To find the perfect home and PROJECT for you...FANTASTIC. And to look at the "setbacks" as blessings in disguise is such a beautiful way to live, although not always easy. This post was a good reminder of not only counting your blessings, but to realize what things really are blessings. Thank you!

Peg said...

Congratulations, Dee Dee! I love the look of the new house and will look forward to seeing how you transform it into a home.

Destination Seaborn said...

Hi Dee Dee! It's amazing where life takes us when we yield to God's lead. Congratulations to you and your family! I'll be excited to watch the renovation. P.S. Can you send me your email address -destinationseaborn@hotmail{dot}com, we're coming your way in a couple weeks:-) Lisa

Is There Anybody Out There? said...

Big smile coming down from heaven.
Wonderful. Amazing. Following His path.
Dang good stuff. tomg

Karen said...

Hello DeeDee, I found you through my good friend Wendy at Relatively Unique. Congratulations on your new house. I cannot wait to see the inside!