Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Thinking Spring? Some "bunny" is!

  I was so excited to have some time
over Christmas to paint!
Most were gifts for
friends and family, which explains why
I am just now getting around to posting
a few of these little paintings!
I painted this bunny for my dear friend Christine
who collects bunnies!
The remaining paintings were all painted
on tiny 2 3/4 x 2 3/4 inch canvas.
Not planning too far ahead, I forgot
to take photos of all my paintings prior
to giving them away!
 I painted this one for Mom,
making it easy to photograph
after the fact!

Have a wonderful day!
(I'm working on collecting a few
more photos of paintings to share
with you soon!)


Judy@judyfriendphotography.com said...

How cute is that! Looking forward to seeing others. Aunt Jude

P.S. you know you are always welcome to visit....sun////sand////no winter clothing required...

Melissa said...

How utterly sweet.

Carol said...

I LOVE them!!!

Christine said...

My little bunny is so cute,(Lappie).
It sits on the shelf with the rest of my bunnies and everytime I see it I think of you!
Bless you for thinking of me and sharing your talent.

corners of my life said...

Such sweet little pictures.
Talented you are!

Peg said...

Absolutely adorable!!!

Jane said...

So cute! You are so talented! I always wanted to be able to paint....just not going to happen!
Hope your having a good week.

Sue said...

You did a wonderful job with the bunny...it looks so real! I can't even do a stick bunny and have it look good:)

Katie said...

Exactly what I needed, a glimpse of Spring!! What a Beautiful Painting, you certainly are very talented Dee Dee!!!