Saturday, November 20, 2010

Catching Up

Carpi Diem = Seize the Day
I'm beginning to wonder if my newly adopted
outlook on life is about to send me to an early grave!
This past week it's sent me to the couch, sick!

I wanted to take a few minutes to update my
the last few weeks!

First our trip to Disney was wonderful!
We spent one day at Epcot where we
enjoyed both the attractions
and the annual Taste of Epcot!
Zac found a carmel covered chocolate cupcake
at the new carmel shoppe!
Madison tried a baked ravioli!
Wayne and I were so busy eating, we
didn't stop to photo all our samples!
Zac and me!
Madison and me!
The weather was perfect for our trip!
Although, the kids were slightly sad that it was too cool
to swim in my Aunt's beautiful pool.
We spent the second day at MGM Studio.
The kids found they loved the
Rock and Roll roller coaster!
We also discovered the "Single Rider" line help
to make a 40 minute wait, whittle
down to about 15minutes!

Our trip was very quick...
we drove down on Friday and Saturday,
went to Epcot on Sunday,
MGM on Monday also starting our drive home that night
finished our trip home on Tuesday.
We all decided it was worth the trip!
The time together with family was one to be
remembered and treasured!

I was even able to meet a blogger friend
while down in Florida!
We had discovered beforehand that Sue,
from I Need Mom, would be in Orlando
visiting family the same time we were there!
It was so much fun to meet up in person!

We arrived home to a busy rest of the week.
That Friday, Zac and I took off for
Indianapolis, Indiana to volunteer
at the Bands Of America
Grand National Band Competition!
By volunteering for two shifts we were
able to see most of the Semi- Finals
and all of the Finals for free!
Our local school band,
 the one Zac preformed in last year,
made it into the semi finals and
was only one or two bands away
from making it into the Final 12 bands
out of 90 marching bands from all over
the United States!
It was a great weekend for Zac and I to share together!

, I came home sick and have been
"taking it easy" most of the week.

I did want to share a sweet surprise
that was waiting for me when I arrived
home on Thursday night...
My friend Amy and her children had dropped
off some yummy goodies for our family!
I teach art to 2 of her beautiful girls on Fridays!
I can't tell you what this sweet gift did for my spirits!
It brought such a smile to my face and heart!
If you want to follow Amy's adoption check out her blog.

Our other news has to do with this sweet cottage!
Wayne and I are currently under contract to purchase
this one bedroom home in a neighboring town.
My in laws will be living here once we
make some cosmetic changes to the interior!
Once spring rolls around we will be
 painting and landscaping
the exterior!
I looking forward to sharing this project with you all!


Jane said...

Sorry to read that you've been sick! But your trip to Florida looks like it was a lot of fun! That food looked delicious! Glad you had such a wonderful time with your family, they will be great memories!
Hope you feel better soon.

Melissa said...

Wow! what great trips! how fun! And what a super project with the cottage! Hope you are feeling better soon!

Wendy said...

I am happy to hear you are feeling better. Your trip looked like so much fun in Flor. That cupcake looked delicious! Glad you got to meet a blogger friend!
We are sooo happy to hear the good news on the cottage! Looking forward to reading your posts as you get it ready for your in laws!!
Take care & hugs~

Christine said...

Green, yes green! I would love to go to Disney, eat yummy cupcakes, have my family to play with, meet YOU, and fix up such a cute cottage.
But blue isn't a good color on you. Sorry you were sick. The battle of the bands must of been awesome though.
Hope you are back in the pink.

Savannah Granny said...

Wow, with all you do, I can understand why you are sick. I am tired just reading this. Take care of yourself and the rest will take care of itself.
Loved seeing your trip. The carmel looks yummy.
Stop by for a visit. I have been away for three weeks and am trying to catch up. Happy Thanksgiving. Ginger

corners of my life said...

No wonder you are not feeling well ~ I think it may be pure exhaustion from all the fun and traveling you have been up to. I hope you will be rested and well again soon!

Sue said...

I'm not surprised you got really pushed it didn't you? It was so fun to meet you and Zac. Tell him that the picture and his description of the cupcake when I saw him, make me sure I'll try one next time I'm there.

That cottage would be fun to fix up!