Monday, October 18, 2010

A "Marathon" Roadtrip

This weekend Wayne and I took off to Columbus, Ohio
for the Nationwide Columbus Marathon!
No, I don't run,
my husband, Wayne is the runner!
This was his 4th full marathon
and I've lost count of how many 1/2 marathons
he has run over the past few years!
Three other couples from our Community Class
 (think adult Sunday school) at church joined
us for the race!
Here is Wayne rounding the final corner to
the finish line!
(He is in white!)
We are so proud of him...
he beat his personal best
and finished the race in 3 hours and 57 minutes!
Actually, all four guys finished the race
under 4 hours, either beating personal best
or creating one for our first timer!
All their hard work and training paid off!
God provided wonderful weather for both
the runners and those of us who
came to cheer them on!
Congratulations Wayne!

8 comments: said...

Congratulations to Wayne and the rest of the group. Jude

Melissa said...

That's so impressive! Congrats to Wayne!

Katie said...

Awesome Job Wayne!!! Love his big garmin watch on his wrist ;)

corners of my life said...

Job well done!
Are you ever tempted to join in?
Is that you with those pretty bangs (so different than your profile pic)?

Christine said...

Beautiful weather!
Cute title!
Way to go Wayne and guys!
Love the picture of you two.

Wendy said...

Congratulations to Wayne and the other runners! Glad you had good weather :)
Great picture of the two of you together in the last photo!

Sue said...

My kids were both runners. My son was really good and did some interesting races. It is so pretty for running this time of year. I'm glad the guys did well!

Peg said...

Tell Wayne I'm impressed... great job!