Monday, September 27, 2010

A Weekend Treat

What does a
 Cold Stone Icecream Cake
"Real" popcorn
have in common?
In my case it means..
"someone" just turned a year older!
It also means that this certain "someone"
has had a wonderful weekend of celebration!
Starting on Friday night with
Girls Night In!
Abby, who lives locally
Dana, who lives out of town
came and spent Friday night with me!

Abby brought this excellent yummy cake,
Dana popped the real corn,
(in my house if I pop the corn it
only involves a bag and microwave)
 and we spent the evening
talking, laughing and eating!

Saturday was filled to the brim
with a morning prayer retreat,
thrifting until Abby had to depart for home.
Dana and I then went out for Thai
(Abby and I went out for Thai on Friday)
then to a movie!
All this celebrating and my birthday
wasn't till Sunday!
Sunday was also a fun filled day!
a small craft fair,
lunch at a newly found coffee shop and cafe,
followed up by a family birthday party celebration
at Mom and Dad's house!
I share a birthday with my beautiful niece Jamie
and my nephew Kee's birthday is the day after!
( I love this, I never forget these birthdays!)

I hope each of you have a great week!
I still have two more celebrations to go!
Dinner with my sweet neighbor ladies on Tuesday
and lunch with dear church friends on Friday!

12 comments: said...

Hi DeeDee, the cake sure does look yummy. What a great way to celebrate your birthday with great friends, greats treats and fun things to do. Aunt Jude

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday!! It sounds like the best Birthday and hurray that the celebration is still going on! Enjoy :)
P.S.(that peanut butter cake looks delicious)

Carol said...

Happy Birthday DeeDee!

Christine said...

Oh Goodness... Happy Belated Birthday.
Darling pictures of you!!
And you are doing it right by celebrating all week long - love it!
Keep the fun going.

Ms.Daisy said...

Looks like you had a blast for your birthday! Many happy returns of the day!


Sue said...

Happy Birthday! It sounds as if you are having a great celebration! That cake is perfection!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Deedee!!! And many, many more. Love bunches, Aunt Theta

Katie said...

Belated yes, but indeed Bountiful.....Happy Birthday to you Dee Dee! May you have a lifetime more of blessed Birthdays to share with your family & friends!!

corners of my life said...

Each celebration sounds unique and fun. Glad it was a festive week. Happy Birthday.

DeeAnna said...

Happy Birthday! What a fun week!! (any cake consumed on your birthday or the week prior or following has no calories. I thought you would like to know.)

Jane said...

I'm so sorry I missed your birthday!! Happy Birthday to share it with my Dad as well. He turned 81 this year.
Looks like you had a wonderful celebration full of family, friends and fun....the best kind of day!!
Hope you're having a wonderful week.

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

What a fun week!