Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Sneek Peek!

I am posting to Metamorphosis Monday
A special thank you to our host Susan!

We made the decision in August
to change our counter tops
from Formica to granite.
{The Before}
This gave us the perfect opportunity to rectify
a "poor" design choice we had made
when we built 6 years ago.
The high counter bar that separated our kitchen from
the dining room has always been slightly, too high!
Our new plan...
lower it to counter height.
To do this we had to deconstruct part of the wall.
Wayne and I removed the counter and corbels.
Once we removed the old counter top,
we cut down the studs and drywall in order
to create a level surface for the new counter.
Wayne then worked at patching the drywall!
All we needed was the new counter top!
And here they are...
We just love the way they turned out!
Being opened to the morning room makes
the kitchen feel so much bigger and brighter!
We still have to pick out and install a back splash.
Any thoughts?

On another note...
our new puppy has a name!


Christine said...

Oh, look at all the open space on the counter tops! It opens up your kitchen. Now the dishes can just slliiidd into the sink. Ooops, don't tell Zac I said that!
Love the name Latte. (She must be a Venti size Latte)

Connie said...

With a counter top that wide why would you need a back splash, sugar? I think it's perfect like that and wouldn't even want one but I might just kill for a kitchen with that much space! Oooooh, what am I saying; I'd prefer to eat out most of the time and not cook at this stage of my life. Love Bunny just wants a home cooked meal though. Sigh......
Connie said...

DeeDee and Wayne, I love the counter tops. Great choice especially lowering the bar area. Hi Latte....hope to meet you soon.

Sue said...

It is puppy day around here! Well, you know I love Latte's name:)

The countertops are wonderful...I'm green with envy. It looks as if you have the bar area curved a bit or is that just the picture? We are going to do ours after the first of the year...but, I just don't think we can do granite.

Anonymous said...

LOVE it, DD. Aunt Theta

Jane said...

Your kitchen looks fabulous. I love the big open counter top and it really does open the room up....great idea.
Latte is a wonderful name for your new puppy!

Peg said...

Your new countertops look wonderful. I like the way the lower counter opens up the room. My daughter has also just redone her cabinets and she is waiting for both countertops and backsplash to arrive. Tough decisions!!!

Melissa said...

That looks fantastic! You are going to love it. We redid our kitchen and did a similar change to our kitchen island HERE I also love the granite and your cabinet colors. I think you may have chosen the same granite we did for our Family Room bar.

Wendy said...

Wow! The countertops are beautiful and I love how you changed the counter with the stools!
You did an awesome job picking out the color!
Latte, what a great name!

corners of my life said...

I love when rooms have names (morning room). It some how makes them more inviting. Two of our favorite rooms ~ welcome room and leisure room. I am so impressed that you were able to remodel the counter yourselves!

Traci said...

It looks great! I'm trying to convince my hubby that we really NEED granite counters instead of the ceramic tile we have now!!