Thursday, February 18, 2010

Art Work Friday

Happy Friday!

Welcome to each of my fabulous visitors
and fellow super creative linkers!

My children have been working hard all week long
on an enormous art project.

A sculpture really...
5 feet tall
at least
10 feet wide
and close to
40 feet around!

Even better..
it's  "green"
biodegradable in the best way possible!

Zac and Madison's
project of the week
" The Outdoor John"
(that's what you get when you ask a 14yr old to title his work!)

Now this just didn't happen over night...
hours and hours of hard labor went into
this sculpture!

In fact it started off looking like this...
But like any good artists, they felt the door
was just too large.
So they asked for a critique from some important guests...
Who gave some great critical advise...
"Woof, Woof, Woof"
(Make door smaller!)

So back to work they went...
creating an interactive experience
Until they came up with the final product!
Ahhh... Perfection!

If you have original Art Work (of any kind)
please feel free to link below!


Jeanette said...

That is just too cute. We had a bit of snow but we could sure build a mud sculpture!

Katie said...

Now that is hilarious!!! What a great outdoor john, only 3 walls just like the one I had in Montana growing up ;)

I can't believe your son was only wearing shorts and crocs out there, too be young again & not feel cold!! ;)

Carol said...

Very clever! I'm with Katie...shorts & crocs!!!

Jeanette said...

DeeDee do you know me so well? No still do not know how to do the picture thing! LOL

Wendy said...

That is great!! Their art project will be one of those memories that they will never forget! Love how the four legged family members got involved in the project :)

Sue said...

Why is it that kids like the cold and adults hate it. Are those shorts I see in an igloo? Oh, to be young again!

I wish you lived closer too...and that we both lived somewhere without snow!


Christine said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha!
This is so great! It must have kept them busy for hours. Love the creativity of adding to the sculpture.
You are a good mom, for entering them in your Art Work Friday. Horray!

Destination Seaborn said...

Dee Dee this is great! You managed to make the snow look good! Your son did a great job. Perhaps he'll be a future architect? Lisa

Kelly @ Much To Do With Nothing said...

How cool! This looks so fun! I want one :D
Thanks for stopping by Dee Dee.

Peg said...

Definitely a fine work of art! That took a lot of design skills to pull it off too... mine would have been in a heap. I see a future in architecture.

I also have to tell you that I have the very same flatware that came from saving Betty Crocker coupons! My mom let each of my daughters choose a pattern and she bought them a complete set. My youngest who is in NYC left hers here for the time being so I get to use it! Your mother's party looked so pretty!

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

lol...I remember when I used to dress like that, now to old and too thin blooded for that attire.
Love your outdoor john.
I found my acrylic paint holder at Hobby Lobby several years ago. I really love it, if I had room I'd buy a couple more.

Lia at Petite Little Bee said...

How cute!!!!! Have a great weekend. Cheers, Lia

Anonymous said...

Love the sculpture, DeeDee and your blog! Thanks for telling me about it. I have also been reading the other one - I usually cry my way through it. Kelly S.

Life Laugh Latte said...

My favorite part...shorts and crocs on that silly boy of yours! My kids would do the same thing...except we live in CA where that makes a tiny bit more sense!:) Thanks for coming by from FF. Following you back. Holly:)

Michelle said...

Neat! Love the