Thursday, December 17, 2009

Art Work Friday

Today is another day of firsts!
A dear, fellow blogger Peg @ Bloomfield Farm
 has decided
to try and join me today for
Art Work Friday.
 I've spent part of the afternoon trying to figure out
Mr. Linky.  Hopefully it is all ready to go!

This of course is an open ended invitation...
Anyone interested in displaying their original art pieces
is welcome to link up each Friday!

Do you do photography?
(I know many of you do...!)
Oil Paint?
Water color?
3D work?
It all counts!!!!

Today I am sharing with you 2 pieces
One a photograph of my daughter I took while in Boston.
It had just finished raining and we were walking
the freedom trail.

I loved the way the water reflected in the puddles,
The strong diagonal line of the trees on the left
contrasting with the opposing diagonal of
brick on the right!

I liked it so much that I decided to try and paint it.

The painting is an unfinished work.
I have many of these unfinished works...
As an artist I find I am very quick to start something
and easily become way to critical for my own good.

Thank you for joining me today!


Jeanette said...

You have such an eye for beautiful things! I can't wait to see the finished works!

Joyce said...

You must finish this because I think it is wonderful.

Peg said...

Yes, you must finish this lovely drawing! I continue to take a weekly art class just to make myself keep going on a project. Without the encouragement of an instructor, I know I would get frustrated and put things aside. Creating art is like working a puzzle... sometimes you just get stuck until someone else helps you fit the pieces together!

Thanks for linking us for Artwork Friday! I'll try to participate next time too!

Jane said...

I'm in awe of your talent. I wish I had something to add to the party but I don't have the talent in the art department. My son is an excellent photographer (he's 18 and a senior in high school) so I may post some of his work in later weeks.
Now....go finish that painting :-)

Sue said...

I love seeing what you can do. I don't think I'll join you anytime soon:) Well, some of my photos aren't too bad. Just checking in and reading a few posts...too tired to do much. I love both the picture and the painting.


Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

I agree with the rest, you should finish this one it is so good. I just found your blog, thanks to Peg, I am joining, though my work isn't nearly as good as yours.

Destination Seaborn said...

What a neat idea! I'm not much of an artist...but I have been known to take a decent enough picture. Thanks for the opportunity! Happy Holidays! ~Lisa

Lara Harris said...

I was hoping I could remove the 1st link, but couldn't figure out how, so I ended up adding 2, sorry about that...but thanks for the invite! So fun to get to share art with fellow artists and friends! :)

Christine said...

Dee Dee,
Look how far you have come in such a short time blogging! You have started Art Friday and figured out Mr. Linky!
We all agree, you should finish the painting. The photo is so cute of your daughter.
Sorry, I won't be adding to Mr. Linky but I promise I will be a great follower!

Miss Mustard Seed said...

That picture and painting (the start of it) are so beautiful. You must finish that piece. It deserves it.