Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A few of my favorite (Christmas) things...

I wanted to share just a few of my favorite tree ornaments.
Some old... Some new

This one I call Rudolph, despite the fact his red nose is gone.
Growing up we had a kids tree,
the bright silver metal tree with the color wheel light at the base.
Remember those anyone? 
 Believe it or not, my mom still owns this "antique" tree!
Each year I would seek our this ornament to place on that tree,
OK, to be honest...
 each year I still seek out this ornament to place on the tree!

My first Christmas in marriage,
we lived in an apartment and owned no ornaments to speak of.
We were able to buy a real tree, real cheap.
But with no budget and no ornaments we bought
two bags of raffia and tied bows all over the tree.
To this day we still use the same raffia bows on our tree
each year!
Come our second and third year of marriage we
decided to make our own ornaments using dough.
That is the story behind this tiny house!

This little angel was another of my childhood ornaments.

I would have been about 5 when I received her!

And most importantly, this nail hangs on my tree
to remind us of why we celebrate Christmas,
For Jesus is the Reason for the Season!
And while this season is one to celebrate the Birth of Christ,
I pray I'll never forget the price.

Thank you for allowing me to share with you today.


Caro said...

Loooooove the reindeer!!

Is it common practice to put a tape with the child's name and year under it? Second time I've seen it today! Here and on dimestorethrift.blogspot.com :)

Jane said...

What cute ornaments and the memories behind them are priceless. I love how you still have the raffia bows that you made for your first tree as a married couple. That is too sweet!!

Sue said...

I wish I had one of those aluminum trees. My grandmother and my mom had them, but they are long gone. They are so back in style again. I love the memories that go with your ornaments.


Jeanette said...

DeeDee It is a tie for me ....the angel and the reindeer. The memories those wonderful ornaments bring is so wonderful! Merry Christmas.

Christine said...

The nail really has a profound effect!
I bet when you are looking at all your precious ornaments and you come across the nail, you might just step back and pause.
I know I did!

Heather said...

I peeked in from Marjorie Molly Smith's blog and found my way around. First of all - I love your dogs!! Then, I saw the little reindeer in your batch of linkwithin and had to get a closer look because I, too, have a reindeer very similar to this one. It carries a little elf on it's back :) Your ornaments remind me of my own, from childhood, that still hang on my tree at Christmas.

Blessings to you ~