Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Decorations

Despite my best efforts,
I was unable to create a tablescape to share today.
Wayne's away on business ,
leaving me to be "single" parent all week.
And this week has been full of
play rehearsal
and strange winter weather!
An icestorm stranded us in our neighborhood on Monday morning.
Highs of almost 50 on Tuesday.
A wind storm with 50 MPH gusts yesterday.
And snow flurries this morning.

I was saying no tablescape today.
So I'm taking a few minutes to post  a few of my favorite
Christmas decor.

This advent wreath is a treasured gift from my Mom.
The brass center wreath was a gift she
 brought back for me from Rothenburg, Germany.

This year she added to the wreath with this beautiful
surrounding faux greens wreath!

Can you guess what my nativity is?

A fireplace screen, believe it or not!
I've only seen three, Mom's, my sister's and mine!

This was another gift from Mom many years ago!
I think it is simply beautiful!

I wanted to share two more handcrafted Christmas items.
The gingerbread garland was another of my dough projects.

 See my two stockings in the middle?
These were Wayne and my first married Christmas stockings.
We made them from material found in a cast off sample book.

We even made a tiny one for our first pet. (a mouse- really!)
As we "aged" these became stockings for our first set of dogs.

I even hand stitched there names on the back.
But over the years these have continued to mean so much to me,
that they are once again used as our stockings!

This week I want to wish you PEACE!


Sue said...

Oh, that fireplace screen is amazing. What a wonderful and beautiful piece to own. I've never seen anyone have an advent wreath at home. We have one at church...but, how wonderful to carry that tradition home. Your mom buys cool things!


Jane said...

That is an amazing fireplace screen. I would be so excited to use that every year! I love the stockings too...great memories.

Christine said...

You take after your mom, with a good taste in style!
Oooooo... nice!

Destination Seaborn said...

Oh goodness...that fireplace screen is stunning! Lucky you! Lisa