Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Team Work

This fall has brought on a bunch of "Firsts" for me.
One of which is the value of team work.
My son, Zac, has never been the overly team athletic type child.
He enjoys more of the individual sports... skateboarding, golf, running etc...
This year, as a freshman in high school, he had the opportunity to join the marching band.
Our marching band is considered, for lack of better words... a competitive sport.
Practice started the day after summer break started.
A three day, all day, mini camp...
Practice every Thursday evening through June and July...
A week of away camp first week in August...
A week of home camp second week in August...
Practice every morning from then to the start of school...
Once school started,
Practice averaging 3 times a week (more on weeks of football games or competitions)
Our Band was in six competitions.
Including ...One in St Louis and
One in Indianapolis
Zac started out the year tired and slightly unmotivated but,
about the time they took their first road to to St. Louis,
he had a new found respect for this commitment.
And I will never forget the conversation I had with him just this past weekend after their semi-finals performance... My child had tears for joy over the sheer awe of the moment.

The kids had worked so long and hard and had delivered a FANTASTIC performance.
For all the seniors, this was their last time to march with this team.
Zac ended his year anxious to do it all again next year.
I'm already hearing the woos,
"What will I do with all my free time between now and then?"
What would make one want to give up weekends, summers, weekdays???
I think it has to do with feeling part of something bigger than yourself, an accomplishment that is only achieved when you work together as a team.
I am so proud of Zac this year, pushing beyond what he thought he could give!
Way to go buddy!

The William Mason Highschool marching band placed 20th out of 91 bands, at Grand Nationals in Indianapolis this past weekend!


Jane said...

Wow!! I'm impressed with the level of commitment that the band members have to perform in their marching band. They are to be commended!! Congratulations again.

Sue said...

My daughter was in both Marching Band and Show Choir in Jr. High and High School. She loved both and we really got into it as a family. Some of the competitions were really amazing. Our kids weren't allowed to travel out of state for overnight (someone did something bad back in the 80's and the punisment lasts to this day) but they still traveled quite a bit in Illinois and Indiana for day trips. I certainly understand why your son loves it. My daughter actually sang in the choir all through college, she just couldn't give up the music and now she sings in the Disney choir at Christmas. You never know where this might lead.


Christine said...

I work at a high school and when I go to the football games, I can't help jump up with applause during half time.
There is something about belonging to a group and not just athletics. Way to go Zac! Keep up the dedication.
And mom, love the way you support him.

Miss Mustard Seed said...

I remember how much fun it was going to my brother's marching band competitions. Congrats on your son's placement!