Thursday, October 22, 2009

Art Work Friday #7

OK, let me just preface...
This is not my art work today.
On Fridays, I have the extreme joy to teach a home school co-op art class!
I have about 10 sweet 1st - 3rd graders in my class.
Last week we studied about how all the colors in the world can be made with
red, yellow and blue.
Their assignment was to mix simple color wheels then use them in a design of their choice.
(I love when kids get to stretch their creativity!)
These were the results...
Some were more abstract and some more concrete..

3 rainbows- each so unique!
The yellow one with the sun is a cover wagon...
Can you tell that many made the wonderful discovery
that if you mix all of the colors together you get..

Don't you just love the tree with the red leaves?
Perfect for fall!

Happy Friday!
Thank you for visiting.


Sue said...

Oh, such sweet artwork. It must be fun (and challenging)for you.


Julie said...

Thanks for visiting! My sister teaches homeschoolers art! We have both homeschooled our kids. Unfortunately we live 2 hours apart.
I read your post about your pooches. Kudos to you for rescuing and adopting!!! what a huge lug of furry love! :-) Our dogs are rescues too. All our pets are rescues.
Have a great day.

Christine said...

Some very happy artist you have.
They must keep you laughing.

Nothing better then to look at a refrigerator and see how proud someone must be, either the artist or parent or both!

Kelly @ Much To Do With Nothing said...

I like the brown. So cute. I bet this was so fun for them. Children are so precious.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.