Monday, February 14, 2011

Following in My Footsteps

I'm so excited
Zac (my soon to be 16 year old)
 got a job for the summer!

No, not in Paris...
but at our local amusement park
If you are old enough to remember
the Brady Bunch, they filmed
their amusement park show at Kings Island
 back in 1973!
(so I date myself)

My first job was also at Kings Island!
I worked a total of 3 summers
as a rides operator.

Funny enough,
 Zac will also be working rides.
He has already chosen his crew
and will be working on

The Crypt.
This ride was formerly known as
Tomb Raider, but the name was
changed a few years ago when the park
was sold from Paramount
back to Cedar Fair.
His reasoning for picking this ride...
it's inside
(air conditioning and
 staying dry in rain!)
Smart Boy!

As a side note (and because I've gone up the
Kings Island Eiffel Tower countless times)
this is a 1/3 sized replica of the
real Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.
And for me, that's high enough!

All photos are from the Internet!


Christine said...

Couldn't think of a better person to follow!
Yea for Zac!
I hear over and over, day after day, students who are looking, wanting and applying for jobs. All without sucess.
Tell Zac that he is blessed. What a great summer job$ said...

Way to go Zac...congratulations. What fun that will be. I agree with his choice...inside staying cool and dry.

Sue said...

Woo Hoo for Zac! It is always so great when they get a job, they learn so much. I think going for the air-conditioned spot was very wise.

Is There Anybody Out There? said...

Dee Dee.....Sounds like you have a good guy there in Zac...I understand being inside to stay cool....but the rain? Remember, we don't even use umbrellas here in Seattle....

Jane said...

Congrats to Zac. It sounds like a fun job. I have been to King's Island....maybe you were running the ride I went on!!