Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Birthday Wish

My "baby" is now officially a teenager.
Madison turned 13 on Monday and celebrated
with 3 of her closest friends!
They went for pizza,
played "Monster Golf",
back home for cake,
movie and a sleepover.
(Madison on right)
God has blessed me with such a wonderful daughter.
I have seen her develop aspiring traits
love for family,
care for friends,
passion for the written word,
a helping attitude,
artistic and creative aptitudes!
My heart is warmed when I see
her beautiful smile!
I continue to look forward
to watching her grow
and develop into
the wonderful and beautiful young woman
with a sweet heart for others and God!

I look forward to many more years
of creative writings and
pray that one day
 her dreams
will all come true.

I pray that she will continue
to walk with God,
and that He will lead her
to heights of joy!

Happy Birthday, my dear!


Wendy said...

Tell Madison Happy Birthday and hope she had a wonderful day :)

Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to you, Madison!!! Sending bunches of hugs your way. We love you, Uncle Dale and Aunt Theta said...

Happy Birthday Madison!!!! Hope you had a great day and lots of cake. Love, Aunt Judy and Uncle Bud.

Christine said...

This is just the beginning of so much more for both of you.
Yes, what a great smile. It's a smile that comes from within.
You and Wayne are great parents (and it shows).

Happy Birthday Madison. Keep on just being yourself and following the Lord.

Sue said...

Oh, such a sweet post and so filled with love. You made me miss my daughter...there is just nothing quite like having a little mini me to hang out with! I hope all is well on your end, you are a bit quiet in blogland these days!

Jane said...

Hi Dee Dee,
That was such a wonderful post. Happy belated birthday to your daughter. She sounds like a wonderful girl! Bet I know where she got it!!

Michelle said...

Looks like she had a wonderful day with her friends and family to help celebrate. You're much smarter than I am. I bought old fashioned root beer in the brown old-timey bottles for a homeschool event I hosted, and some of the parents looked twice to see if I was serving beer. Lol...the similarity didn't even cross my mind until they came to pick the kids up. We're still laughing over it.