Saturday, March 16, 2013

Catchin Up

Life has been busy....
you can say so busy that I've almost forgotten
I have a blog... like it had been so long since I've
even checked my overview that I had eight comments
needed to be reviewed and approved..
...all spam of course!

Mom even commented to me this week
that she doesn't know what I been up to
since I haven't been posting!
So Mom..
 this is for you !

I'm not sure if I have ever mentioned it,
but one of my neighbors is our local funeral home.
It is a sobering reminder that our life is numbered.
Love those around you as much as you can!

I looked out one day to see this beautiful site. 

Bikes with their colors flying!
I just had to sneak across the street to capture the site.

What a marvelous way to honor a friend!

I plantsitted for Mom during her long trek south and back,
and this black thumb somehow managed to keep 
everything alive!

Wayne and I joined friends for a great culinary treat
at our local Malaysian restaurant 

If you are ever in the Cincinnati area,
It is a must try!

The kids and I spent a fun
Sunday watching my nieces and
nephews compete JamFest
dance competition!

It was so much fun to watch them all perform!
The kids won or ranked high in
almost all their dances!

The highlight of the day for me
was watching my nephew, Kee,
perform in the special needs division!

The studio that my sister's kids dance for
offers a class for kids with special needs.
The class is free and the older dancers
support the special needs kids on stage.
Not a dry eye in the house...

I took a two day Mission trip back
down to Jackson, Ky to serve once again
with the Happy Church.
This time my friend Cindy joined me 
and helped paint a trailer on the property
to get it ready for a young couple to move in!
I will have to dig up the before and afters to do a small post!

I have had two of my nephews qualify for
Make a Wish. 

This is JonMark.  His wish was to go to Hawaii!  
It was fun to get up and see them off on their journey!

And while my sister and her family enjoyed Hawaii....
they got a nice snowy welcome home!

Enough snow to call off school!

But my priceless memory will be hearing 
a scraping sound in the drive way
and looking down to the sweet surprise
of my 80+ year old neighbor clearing our driveway.
We are so blessed!

Oh, last weekend was spring outreach at church.
I decorated two tables.

I used a stencil and sharpie
to write fun words on the plastic glasses!

The ladies in my church sure can bake!

My friend Kelly's creative idea-
Chex Mix in a simple paper baking cup!

My other table went pink and blue!

Our speaker for the evening was a former model
Jennifer Strickland.  If you want a good book try
reading her book Girl Perfect.
I love hearing how God can work 
Good in the lives of others!

Let's see....
 I got new glasses!

So there it is....
I've been busy
and when I'm not doing work,
or cleaning up after these two big pups...
I am doing my best to remember I have a blog,
but more importantly I have friends out there
in blog-land who are very special to me!

( not including spammers!)


My Garden Diaries said...

You have been busy! What a sweet and touching post! You hit on so many elements of what makes life sweet and good! Have a wonderful weekend!

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Hi DeeDee. I'm so glad you are back. You have been missed but I can tell you've just been going about 'life' and that is a good thing. Pups are so cute and how caring of you to paint the house, your tables look beautiful,and what a thrill that your nephew got to go to Hawaii and how lucky they were to come home to snow and no school! Well, I'll let you get back to 'life' and I'm off to bed. It is 11:55 PM here right now but I had to welcome you back..Happy St. Patty's Day..Judy

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

And I forgot to say that you look beautiful, dahling, in your new glasses..J

Anonymous said...

How excited I am to see your updated blog. You truly do stay very busy! Thank you for taking the time to make this post. Much appreciated! Mom

Ronda Batchelor said...

Missed ya! But I so understand. Life is more important to live than blog about many times!!!

Crickit said...

You have been missed! AND you have been very busy! How wonderful that your nephews were part of make a wish! I hope and pray that had an enjoyable time in Hawaii! :)

Lynne said...

Ahhhh . . .wonderful to hear from you . . . and I loved hearing about you working with Make A Wish!

Katy said...

I hope your nephew had an awesome time in Hawaii. Bless his heart. Glad to see you again ((hugs))

Christine said...

I've been busy this past week (Boise to see Kimmy and kids). Trying to catch up with you. Would you email me again? I keep sending you emails and they come back! Eekkk!

Sue said...

You do sound busy...but, I miss keeping up with you. It is nice knowing that you are in my phone and just a text away!

Make a Wish is such a wonderful organization. Our little friend Luke and his family got to go to Disney before he got sick again (he is doing well so far since his transplant). I always hate it that a child has a reason to need Make a Wish, but so thrilled that they get a special treat!

Barbara @ 21 Rosemary Lane said...

My my you have been a busy little gal.Love your tables Dee Dee as I remember you did this event last year too right? And the pictures of the cycles with all of those beautiful flags is just a stunning sight to behold. Your glasses look great and I hope your sister's family had a wonderful time in Hawaii! Yours pups are darling too!
What a great I feel totally in the loop with regard to your life. LOL
Take care and looking forward to some of your beautiful spring decorating! (I remember your spring mantel from last year being gorgeous!)
XO Barbara

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

You HAVE been busy! Glad you are well and capturing it all!! All of that food looks yummy!! Your glasses are cute! What great memories you are keeping with your family! Wow!!!
I'm fish sitting for my mom this week, let's hope I do as well as you did plant sitting! :)