Sunday, January 29, 2012

Madison's Room

In case you missed it....
to see how far this room has come
click here!
After weeks of dark days,
the sun finally peeked it's head out yesterday!
Wanting to photograph Madison's room
I grabbed the camera and headed upstairs!
The room still shows too dark,
 but it is what it is!
Due to the sloped ceilings in her new room,
 the loft bed we had made for her old room would not fit in this one.
Madison fell in love with the upholstered headboards
that are popular in the stores and magazines.
Wayne and I decided to try our hand and make one!
We found a old hotel headboard at our local
Habitat Re-Store for $5.00.
It was solid, had a great shape
but was the wrong color.
I painted the wood frame
Wayne helped me upholster the back
with a prewashed drop cloth!
I will be posting a tutorial later this week!
We attached it to the wall,
leaving her a soft place to lean up against
 and read at night.
Madison chose deep purple
 for her accent wall and accessories. 
We also threw in a little bright green!
I made this little pillow out of a sweater.
I had made the hanging lamp for my office in the old house.
It is a combination of a Pottery Barn Outlet shade,
an Ikea light kit, and a handmade cord sleeve.
To the right of her bed is an opening to a storage area.
(Here is Wayne framing it out during rebuilding.)
And here it is today!
Wayne built this removable bookcase
 to cover the opening!
When we need to access the storage
we simply roll out the shelf!
We painted the rest of the room an oatmeal color.
Across from the bed is this wall which
houses her dresser and bookshelf.
The door in the middle goes to her closet.
I did not take time to straighten it up
for photos, this is a photo we took towards
the end of the rebuilding phase!
We found this "shower curtain" on the clearance rack
at Bed Bath and Beyond.
It was the kick off piece for the colors in the room!
I cut the shower curtain in half
and hemmed down the middle.
I paired it with some lighter purple panels
I found on the clearance rack in Lowe's!
The longer panels form a boarder around the
shorter panels.
I simply hung both curtains with clip rings.

Do your kids collect colored Duct Tape?
On Madison's dresser is this adorable lamp.
My mom found it at TJMAXX
along with the purple pillows on Madison's bed!
Madison has some plans for her room that
we are still working on... so more to come!
She wants a built in desk where the dresser currently is!
We are also needing to add art work on the walls!

Hope your week is great!

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UhOh! Here We Go said...

I love her room. I wish my room growing up was that cool. Actually, I wish my room NOW was that cool. I really want to see her closet with stuff in it, because I cannot imagine how you would lay it out to house clothing and such!

Kath said...

Okay I love all of this! The Headboard-amazing. Why can't I find those goodies at my Habitat Re-Store? And the sweater pillow and shower curtain curtains-very inspiring! Love the dark purple accent wall. This is a wonderful room!

Jen said...

so pretty! Why do I never come across good finds like that headboard and fabric!! Love it.. said...

So very creative! So what does she use the colored duct tape for? I love what you have done with each room. Love you...Aunt Judy

Teresa said...

Beautiful! I love that headboard! The shower curtain curtains are fantastic, such a good idea!

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Quite the transformation. I love all the unique touches.

Sue said...

You guys are so good at this stuff. I absolutely love what you did with that little storage door/bookcase. That was so clever and a great hiding place if you ever need one!

I'm not sure how I feel about a kid having a prettier room than I the colors.

Samantha said...

So pretty! Your teen must love it!

Ronda Batchelor said...

I love it. I really like the secret storage. It looks great!!! Can't wait to see more.

corners of my life said...

So very VERY charming.
I love the photo with the light streaming in.

Wendy said...

Dee Dee,
Maddie's room is so pretty...tell her she has great design ideas and style! It looks beautiful!

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

What a great teen room. I love the wall color, the curtains, lights..everything!! My daughter loves the colored and patterned duct tapes too. We just redid her room too.

We are almost done, I was taking some more photos this week to complete the post.

Jenny @ Simcoe Street said...

What a fantastic space!

Jenny @ Simcoe Street said...

What a fantastic space!

Katy said...

oh that's awesome. I'm mostly interested in the door to her closet -- was that a pre-existing door or did you make it? I must know.

Michelle said...

Wow...I am so impressed at your creativity with the rolling shelf and the shower curtain cut away curtains. You guys are hired to come finish our house! Let's see...where to start...the basement or the bonus room above our garage. ;)