Monday, March 21, 2011

Mom's New Room

Mom and Dad recently added a beautiful all season's
sun room off the back of their house!

I thought that Table Top Tuesday would be a perfect
opportunity to share parts of their new room!
A special thank you to our wonderful hostess Marty

Mom has her side table all decked out for Spring and Easter!
I love the way that the mirror behind the side table reflects
the colors and light from the glass room!
Mom's sweet little bird peeks out from the colorful plants!
Tea anyone?
These tiny chairs are the perfect holder for little candles!
Mom topped her cup cake holder with Easter grass, a paper basket,
and a fun cup cake paper filled with tiny Easter eggs.
In the some of the other compartments she added these
sweet honey comb candles!
She thought the bunny I painted for her,
would work out here too!
I love the crackling on the side of her planter!

Mom surprised me today with some green tea
and cookies to enjoy together!

Please feel free to come and join us next time!


Lakeshore Cottage Living said...

That all looks beautiful! Besides the tea and cookies...I LOVE the little rabbit painting. You are so talented!

Christine said...

Wow! Love all the Spring colors.
How fun to have tea with your mom, especially with you being so busy. Nice to slow down.

The ceiling is amazing! What a great place to sit and listen to the rain.

Ribbonwood Cottage said...

Very sweet. I love that tiny little rabbit picture. That is just adorable. How fun for you to do this tea with the cookies. Love it.

Melissa said...

How lovely. Everything is just perfect. Ad your bunny is, too! yum! cookies!

Sue said...

I've always thought it would be wonderful to have one of those rooms! Your mom has really cute things and great style!

I have those same little spoons with the teapots!

michelle@decorandthedog said...

Love that side table!! :)

Michelle said...

See...these are exactly the kind of pictures that made me want to pick up my camera and learn. You have a gift for telling a story through your beautiful pictures. I love everything you showed here...right down to your bunny painting on the cute little easel next to your mom's pretty teapot. Dee Dee, if you ever consider selling your work, let me know okay? I have bare spots on my walls just waiting.

Michelle said...

I'm actually looking for flower paintings for my laundry room (10x10 or 12x12). If you're interested, I'd much rather buy from you.